Quality Handmade Soaps and Beauty Products

Essential Suds are high quality hand crafted soaps made the traditional way with a touch of originality.  All soaps are made with olive oil and coconut oil.  The process used is the "hot process in a crock pot". At the end of saponification (the chemical reaction that transforms lye and oils into soap), lanolin is added as a skin conditioner and so is an essential oil. Each kind of soap has its own personality depending on the property of the essential oil used.

The soaps made at Essential Suds are fragrant and decorative and are especially appreciated by people who use them.  They cleanse and condition the skin leaving the pure sensation of being clean since they leave no residue.

Olive oil has been recognized for its skin nourishment since ancient times.  Coconut oil is one of the best cleansing oil and is the ONLY cleansing oil that is not grain based.  Lanolin is produced from wooly animals using only their coat which does not harm the animals.

Go ahead! Choose an Essential Suds soap for its fragrance or its essential oil property,  and make your shower or bath time one that you will enjoy and benefit from.  Or make a wonderful gift for someone special.

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